MapperG brings Google Maps into MapInfo Professional

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We can provide your organization with custom programming and application development to suit your mapping needs.

We utilize C++, C#, Visual Basic, ASP, ASP.NET, MapInfo MapBasic, Java, SOAP Web Services and other programming languages to provide you with custom MapInfo and Microsoft MapPoint applications to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Need to add mapping functionality to your application but don’t want the hassle of direct ownership and maintenance of the data? We can help you embed mapping functionality by utilizing programmable SOAP/XML web services. Example services include the Microsoft MapPoint Web Service, ESRI ArcWeb for Developers and the MapInfo Envinsa Web Service suite.
The following are some examples of the custom programming we can provide for you:

MapBasicAutomation tool for MapInfo Professional

  • Simplify repeated or complex tasks in MapInfo Professional
  • Modify user interface for casual users
  • Increase functionality for power users

MapXtremeMapInfo’s web-mapping solution

  • Complete internet/intranet “Find Nearest Dealer” solution
  • More powerful internet/intranet/enterprise solutions
  • Layer manipulation
  • Thematic shading
  • Demographic reports
  • .NET and Java versions available.
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Customization

SpatialWare / SQLServer 2008 – Enhanced spatial capabilities for databases

  • Utilize the power of your relational database for spatial analysis
  • Incorporate spatial objects directly into Microsoft SQL Server
  • Database design and maintenance
  • Standard SQL and Spatial SQL query construction

Microsoft MapPointEntry-level desktop mapping

  • Batch routing functionality
  • Embed MapPoint maps and technology into your application
  • Display other native GIS formats in MapPoint