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Mapping Solutions partners with a number of companies, including MapInfo, Alteryx, AGS, and others in order to help you implement a complete mapping solution.

Some of our more popular products are listed here, but there are many more available to suit your specific needs, so feel free to give us a call to discuss the best solution for you.

Mapping Solutions
  • Map-In-A-Box Map-In-A-Box™ is an add-on to MapInfo Professional™ that seamlessly integrates MapPoint® functionality. Map-In-A-Box 2010 and 2011 users – Click Here to download a free upgrade to Map-In-A-Box 2013. Users of older versions of Map-In-A-Box can purchase an upgrade in our Online Store. Product Features: Newest Features for Map-In-A-Box Now supports MapPoint 2013 Open PTM File option in the menu allows ... (more)
  • MapperG MapperG™ Basic is an add-on to MapInfo Professional that allows you to add Street Maps, Aerial Imagery, Hybrid Maps, or Terrain Maps from Google Maps with the click of a button, as well as Single Address Geododing. Download a free evaluation of MapperG here MapperG is a subscription product. The annual fee enables unlimited use for one ... (more)
Pitney Bowes Software
  • Spectrum OnDemand

    Capitalize on a more accurate view of your customers – and integrate that intelligence into your business operations. Reduce your investment in servers and software updates to save both time and money with customer data management solutions from Spectrum OnDemand.

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  • Spectrum Location Intelligence Module

    Knowing who and where your customers are is the first step to successfully establishing positive customer relations and an excellent brand reputation. Understanding the geographical distribution of your client base also allows you to make business decisions based on exact, reliable data. This is where our geospatial data solutions can help.

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  • Spectrum Enterprise Geocoding Module

    Know exactly where your customers are – with our address geocoding solutions software. If your business depends upon exact location data, such as GPS coordinates or addresses, you can use our address geocoding software to gain access to accurate, reliable information.

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  • MapXtreme

    MapXtreme® is the leading software development kit (SDK) for integrating location intelligence with existing business systems. Developers can use this powerful location intelligence software to build custom mapping applications, provide tailored views of geographic data and automate and augment business processes.

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  • MapInfo Professional

    MapInfo Professional helps business analysts, planners, GIS professionals – even non-GIS users – gain new insights into their markets, share information-rich maps and graphs and improve strategic decision-making.

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  • Spectrum Spatial Analyst

    Intelligent solutions for getting from thought to action to implementation as quickly as possible.
    As enterprises expand across the globe, having instant access to streamlined location data is essential, so you can make fast, informed, and profitable business decisions. Spectrum Spatial Analyst provides you with the spatial location solutions you need, allowing data to be centralized and integrated across your organization.

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    Research Solutions, Inc.
    • Guzzler Guzzler is a companion product offering intended for use in calculating drive time distances within Alteryx, Allocate, and Solocast.   Guzzler US uses TeleAtlas Dynamap Transportation North America, Guzzler Canada uses TeleAtlas Dynamap Transportation North America and Guzzler UK uses MultiNet Great Britain data. (more...) (more)
    • Allocate Allocate is a powerful desktop demographics engine that allows you to generate reports or data tables in seconds. Select your desired geography, select an output file type (PDF, HTML, XLS, MapInfo TAB, ESRI Shape, etc), select the desired demographic variables to attach, and click finish.  It’s that simple. Allocate offers many standard geographies for reports, including Block ... (more)
    • AGS Demographic Data AGS delivers an extensive range of the highest quality demographic data products and lifestyle segmentation system,Mosaic. All databases are derived from superior source data and the most sophisticated, refined, and proven methodologies. Plus, unlike other providers’ databases, which are frequently available only at county or zip code levels, the majority of AGS data is available ... (more)
    Applied Spatial Technology
      GfK GeoMarketing