MapperG brings Google Maps into MapInfo Professional

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Map-In-A-Box™ is an add-on to MapInfo Professional™ that seamlessly integrates MapPoint® functionality.

Map-In-A-Box 2010 and 2011 users – Click Here to download a free upgrade to Map-In-A-Box 2013. Users of older versions of Map-In-A-Box can purchase an upgrade in our Online Store.

Product Features:

Newest Features for Map-In-A-Box

  • Now supports MapPoint 2013
  • Open PTM File option in the menu allows you to import a MapPoint .PTM file.
  • “Show In” menu option to view current area in Google Maps, Microsoft Live Local, or Yahoo Maps – opens a browser window showing the same area using the selected service.
  • “Night” Map style (with MapPoint 2006 or newer)

Main Features

  • Seamless street level maps and geocoding across the US and Canada
  • NavTech and GDT street-level data available within MapPoint® can be viewed directly within MapInfo Professional™.
  • The current map view is automatically refreshed with the street level data every time the map view is altered by panning around or zooming in and out of the map.
  • Multiple windows of different raster styles can be displayed.
  • Overlay your vector data on top of the street-level data.

Drive time analysis

Create up to 3 drive time regions and use the results within MapInfo Professional for catchment area analysis.

Address lookup

Type in a street address or place name and locate it on the map.

Reverse geocoding ‘info tool’

Click on the map to identify street addresses and other places of interest.

Large format printing:

Dynamic layers are resampled to the correct printing size before being sent to the printer.

Smart workspace saving:

Dynamic images are saved into the workspace directory.

Additional Map Styles:

USGS Aerial Photo and Topographic Map views have been added, providing imagery from the TerraServer USA web service. (Internet Connection Required)

High-resolution 1ft color ‘urban’ orthographic images available for the major urban areas in the USA.

Over 30 major metropolitan areas currently available including Washington DC, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Detroit and Seattle.

Proximity and routing calculations:

Find the Nearest?:

The Find The Nearest? utility allows you to carry out proximity analysis given a start point or a series of starting locations. It can return up to 10 closest site locations based on quickest drive-time or shortest drive-distance.

Territory Modeling:

Create territories based on the proximity of regions to a particular location. This enables the user to make a ‘first pass’ at creating territories based on the proximity of regions to a particular location. The generated areas could be franchised delivery areas or sales territories.

Route from Table:

Calculate the shortest route, quickest route or the optimal order to visit a series of points.

Route Matrix Builder:

Generate time and distance matrices between any series of points on the map.

Origin to Destination Calculator:

Analyze one set of points (such as customers) with respect to the travel time and distance from another set of points (such as store locations).

Map-In-A-Box™ includes Microsoft MapPoint® technology and is available for North America and Europe.