MapperG brings Google Maps into MapInfo Professional

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Mapping Solutions can add even greater usability to MapInfo with products like MapperG and Map-in-a-Box and by crafting unique solutions that work specifically for your company.

We provide software, data, programming, consulting services and training. We’ll work with your corporate-wide relational databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL to feed mapping information to internet and desktop applications.


Mapping Solutions offers integration of off the shelf mapping components with your existing customer databases or applications. Whether you are using Oracle, SQL Server, web services, Java, .NET, or something else, we can help you integrate mapping.

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We can provide your organization with custom programming and application development to suit your mapping needs. We utilize C++, C#, Visual Basic, ASP, ASP.NET, MapInfo MapBasic, Java, SOAP Web Services and other programming languages to provide you with custom MapInfo and Microsoft MapPoint applications to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

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Mapping Solutions can provide your organization with consulting services to help you achieve the maximum benefit from your data. Whether your company is seeking sales territory optimization, site selection, or targeted marketing solutions, Mapping Solutions can help.

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Free Consultation

Contact us for a free consultation to find out how mapping services can help your organization.

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Jump Start

Are you new to mapping? Do you need a Jump Start to deliver on that project sitting on your desk? Mapping Solutions can help you get there. By combining Mapping Solutions on-site training with our consulting services, one of our project specialists can train you how to do the project, do the project with you […]

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Training is the single most important investment in mapping technology…making your employees more effective and efficient.

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