For more than 20 years, Mapping Solutions has guided businesses, government agencies and organizations – helping them harness the power of geographic information to transform decision-making, operations, and ultimately…the lives of the people they serve.

We pride ourselves on being the GIS (geographic information systems) software solutions experts that our clients turn to again and again. From retailing, to health care, telecommunications, manufacturing, and public administration, our clients know that a friendly, knowledgeable Mapping Solutions staff member will always be available to help solve a business challenge.

Mapping and geographic information visualization makes a difference. Imagine selecting a site for a new bank branch in an up and coming area. What if you could spot demographic trends before property prices go up…and before the competition even has a clue? What if you could optimize distribution routes…and save the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel costs?

What if you could improve customer satisfaction by 5%…and reduce customer churn by 10%? Help chart a new strategic territory for the sales team to mine? Or change a life by reducing the time an ambulance takes to reach a victim? Geographic information makes it possible, and Mapping Solutions is there to guide you through the process.

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